First Lt. Gnaeus Plautus

Ultramarines Attack Bike Strike Leader


Plautus is technically the highest ranking officer in the Space Marine force, but must defer to Brother Spurius even though the techmarine is outside of the command structure. This fact irritates Gnaeus to no end. Spurius has much respect for the First Lieutenant’s leadership ability and is in fact, glad for his assistance in planning and executing missions; he just has to keep Gnaeus in the dark about the true nature of their mission.
He is a headstrong warrior who prefers to lead from the front, from the vantage of his attack bike, laying into his enemies with his trusty power sword “Mors Tangus”

Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve – +1 to combat result if he is locked in combat

Wargear: Mors Tangus (power sword), attack bike


First Lt. Gnaeus Plautus

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