Shas'El Dal'yth Mon'Myr Shi'uko Syr'or

Shas'El Purefire


Shas’O Spearblaze’s second in command, Purefire is an expert in interdiction warfare, with a cunning insight into where an enemy commander is likely to strike.

Warlord Trait: A ghost who walks among us….move 3d6" during the assault phase instead of 2d6" (Jetpack)

Wargear: Neuroweb System Jammer (NSJ), Shield Generator

Special Abilities: NSJ: At the start of any enemy shooting phase, choose a single unit w/in 12". All models in the target unit suffer from the Gets Hot! USR for the remainder of the turn.


Shas'El Dal'yth Mon'Myr Shi'uko Syr'or

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