Master Techpriest Spurius Lentullus

Imperial Task Force Commander


Chosen to lead this task-force because of his ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus, Spurius will do what it takes to keep the Sagalein dig sites safe and secret; as it is, only he and his apprentice, Anistius, know the truth of the matter. More accustomed to speaking with machine spirits than people, he is less concerned with the wellbeing of the populous of the planet than his fellow Ultramarines; this still leaves him more concerned than most other marine chapters though. He is viewed by his fellow marines as their brother, but his dual citizenship with the Astartes and Mechanicus leads his comrades to view him with some suspicion.

Warlord Trait: Champion of Humanity – gain d3 extra VP for slaying an enemy warlord in a challenge

Wargear: servo harness, power sword, bolt pistol, bolter

Special Abilities: Fortify, repair


Master Techpriest Spurius Lentullus

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