Surface Intelligence

Regional Assets

Victory Condition: Holding 5/6 regional strategic assets; or Conquering the enemy stronghold

Western Desert: Fuel Fields of Olften

Central Plains: Ground Transport & Distribution Hub

Alpine Forests: Archaeotech Tomb

Mountains: Monastery of the Lost

Polar Icecap: Archaeotech Installation

Maldein Hive: Coastal Refinery

Planetary Assets

Each side has a stronghold, protected by powerful energy shields impregnable except by heavily sustained orbital bombardment. Supporting generators and powerful defensive batteries also support these strongholds, requiring an assaulting force to capture at least two supporting hexes (bordering the stronghold) before any assault has a hope of breaching the shields. The strongholds themselves are also heavily fortified, with multiple weapon emplacements and structures granting a significant advantage to the defending forces which must be met with a very strong assault force indeed.

They are also the headquarters of each force, housing exceptional individuals not normally found on the battlefield that will heed the call to action to defend themselves as much as their allied forces.
Capturing a stronghold is a Victory Condition.
Mission to claim a stronghold: Seize and Destroy (PS)

Maldein Central Spire – Imperial Headquarters – Stronghold

Plains Starport – Tau Coalition Headquarters – Stronghold

Surface Intelligence

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