Ionospheric Modulator: (If held for one turn, specialists identify the station’s ability to modify Sagalein’s Magnetosphere in such a way as to create “funnels”. This results in an area of a few square miles that has dramatically increased exposure to cosmic radiation and charged particles. Each turn, a new area may be targeted, this area becomes extremely dangerous to creatures not wearing protective equipment.
It also disrupts communications and electronics. All reserve rolls are reduced by -1, and when units roll to determine table-side using the Outflank maneuvre, a roll of 6 results in that unit becoming lost and disoriented this round, the enemy player may choose the table side from which they enter. Psykers are also affected, reducing their leadership by one in these areas for the purposes of psyker powers. Magnetospheres provide some insulation from the perils of the warp, when thinned, this makes it more difficult for psykers use their abilities safely.
*Alternate 1: Disrupts vehicle electronics, each round all vehicles on the board must roll a d6. 1-2 has no effect, 3 results in Shaken, 4 immobilizes the vehicle for this round only (locked velocity for fliers), 5 results in the disabling of one weapon for one round, controlling player’s choice, and a 6 results in the permanent loss of one weapon, controlling player’s choice.
*Alternate 2: After the battle, any unit not wearing environmentally-sealed armor (guardsmen, kroot, ethereals, etc.) must spend a turn in Recovery status or suffer one strength 3 hit per model with no armor save.

Additionally, if the enemy strong hold is the target for two consecutive turns, the powerful energy shields protecting it are weakened. When this happens, an enemy battleforce need only seize one bordering hex before they can assault the stronghold, rather than the normal two bordering hexes.

The Polar Region cannot be entered without first holding Fuel Reserves.

Mission to claim the Archaeotech Installation: Carnage (CA)
Mission to take the Installation from the other player: The Relic (6th)
Polar Missions: Search and Rescue (WD 387)
Breakthrough (WD 387)
Weather the Storm (WD 387)
Crusade (6th)
Rescue (3rd)


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